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When a community member asks friends, relatives, or neighbors for a recommendation for a Reno electrical company they trust, the name that is most frequently offered is Burnett Electric. For over 14 years, this locally-owned and operated business has set the bar for quality Reno electrical services at fair and reasonable prices. No job is too large or small for this group of licensed Reno electricians to complete in the most professional manner, coming in on time and within budget. Please call (775) 406-7117 to request a free price estimate for any electrical service or learn more about the company and its exceptional team of pros.

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As an electric vehicle owner, you know that having fast and reliable access to an EV charger is essential. But, unfortunately, not everywhere you drive will have a public charger when you need it. So it is crucial to have a professionally installed charger at home. But what you might not understand are the installation requirements of all EV chargers, including the Level 1 charger that comes with most EV purchases.

The licensed electricians at Burnett Electric understand all of the technical requirements for a safe EV charger installation that will save you time and money. In addition, the installation of a charger at your home ensures that your EV batteries are receiving the proper charge from a well-maintenance charger to avoid costly damage. Call (775) 406-7117 for a free price quote for an EV charger installation at your home or service of any existing make or model of electric vehicle charger from the pros at Burnett Electric.

No one would ever knowingly place their loved ones or home at risk. However, if you have not had your home’s electrical panel serviced or inspected recently, that could be precisely what you are doing. As this integral piece of your home’s electrical system ages, it begins to degrade and provide less reliability and safety. And the only indications of this increased hazard could be subtle issues like flickering lights or a strange humming near the electrical panel.

To ensure the safety of your loved ones and home, call (775) 406-7117 to schedule an electrical panel inspection with the licensed electricians at Burnett Electric. Our pros have decades of combined experience evaluating electrical panels, locating safety hazards, and providing cost-effective electric panel repair options or panel replacements to ensure the safety of your home.

When planning a home remodeling project, it is vital to understand that a licensed electrician must complete all electrical work. This is critical to the safety of your home, but it is also crucial when you sell the house. Electrical work that was not completed by a licensed electrician and properly inspected can stall the sale of your home until the work is updated and meets electrical code compliance.

The seasoned team at Burnett Electric has been helping homeowners in the Reno area create new spaces and repurpose existing spaces with home remodeling projects for over a decade. No job is too large or small for our crew, and each receives the same attention to detail and high-quality work. That is our pledge to you, and every customer who chooses Burnett Electric for their home remodel in Reno.

Finding a dependable commercial electrician with affordable pricing should not be difficult. But sadly, many property owners and property managers in Reno have discovered it to be a challenge. However, once they call (775) 406-7117 and speak to the pros at Burnett Electric, they know they are making the right choice.

As a full-service electrical contractor, Burnett Electric provides all the troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades, and customer services you need for your commercial property. In addition, we back all our work with a full warranty and pledge to always exceed your expectations for quality service and affordable pricing. So when you want the best for your property, call the licensed electricians at Burnett Electric and know that you will never have to worry about quality or reliability again.

It is easy to forget how much we rely on electricity until your Reno home has a power failure. Then, suddenly you realize that even cooking food or keeping the house at a comfortable temperature is impossible without dependable power. But you have no control over the grid power, which can be very frustrating. At Burnett Electric, we understand that you need to have electricity you can count on all the time. And our backup generator installation is the only way for you to know that the next power outage in your community will not bring your household to a standstill.

Call (775) 406-7117 to learn more about the seamless automatic transition from grid power to your backup generator and how affordable this peace of mind can be. We provide free price estimates and complete service for this device that provides electricity and peace of mind for your family.

The lighting experts at Burnet Electric are eager to help customers in the Reno area update their homes and commercial properties with LED lighting, security lighting, and other innovative and cost-saving lighting options. From the design and fixture selection to the completed installation, our team takes care of everything needed to ensure that your lighting project meets all your needs. Once completed, you will enjoy a free new visual appeal, added functionality, and an increase in your property value thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Burnett Electric licensed electricians and lighting experts. Call (775) 406-7117 to discuss your lighting needs and learn how LED lights can save electricity and money for years to come.

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