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Lighting Installation In Reno, NV

When selecting a lighting professional to assist with your residential or commercial lighting project, it is vital to find the Reno electrical company that best meets your needs. While a great deal of technical knowledge and skill is needed for a lighting project, it is also essential to have a team that focuses on quality workmanship, attention to detail, and tailoring the lighting to meet your needs. At Burnett Electric, our team has invested over a decade in the skills needed to help you make the most out of your next lighting project. From adding value and beauty to the property to decreasing electrical consumption and operating costs, our team will help you meet all your goals for your lighting project. Call (775) 406-7117 today to request an appointment to discuss any of our elite lighting services, including:

The Benefits Of LED Lighting

Upgrading your home or commercial property to LED lighting offers many benefits in addition to visual appeal. LED lights use only a fraction of the energy of incandescent lamps, making them more affordable to operate. In addition, they do not produce the unwanted heat of older lights, making the space more comfortable and even reduce your air conditioning costs. Finally, LED lights last exponentially longer than other types of lighting. So you will save on bulb replacements and the hassle of accessing fixtures to replace worn-out light bulbs. Call (775) 406-7117 to learn more about LED lighting in Reno and its benefits.

Peace Of Mind From Professional Security Lighting

There are many Reno security lighting applications for home and commercial properties. From motion-activated lights to lights operated via a timer, there is something to help you keep every property secure. And the experts at Burnett Electric are ready to help you select the choices that will best meet your needs and budget. We even install aerial security lighting using a bucket truck to ensure that your entire property is safe and well-it. Call us today at (775) 406-7117 for a free price estimate and added peace of mind.

Complete Reno Indoor Lighting Services

The lights in your home or commercial space need to evolve as the spaces or functions change. Unfortunately, with the cost of construction, adding to your home or office is very expensive. However, a renovation and lighting upgrade can often provide a multifunctional space that will meet your needs much more cost-effectively. The team at Burnett Electric has decades of combined experience helping customers create the perfect look and feel in a multifunctional or recently renovated space.

Upgrading interior lighting is a cost-effective way to create a more modern feel, increase the functionality of a space, and add to your property value. And when the work is completed by the licensed electricians at Burnett Electric, you know it will be done correctly and backed by a complete warranty on the parts and labor. Call (775) 406-7117 today to discuss your options for interior lighting upgrades by the pros at Burnett Electric. We are your complete resource for lighting and electrical services at your home or commercial property.