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Wiring Upgrades
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Wiring Upgrades In Reno

When putting together a home upgrade, whether it’s a brand new build or a remodel, you’ll want to pay close attention to electrical wiring. If you find yourself relying on extension cords or power strips to compensate for the lack of outlets to charge your gadgets, it may be time for an electrical upgrade.

We are here for all your power needs.

Keep your home powered for the long run with a wiring system that works.

Circuit breakers turn the power to your home on and off to protect wiring from damage by “tripping” when an electrical short or over-current occurs. You may consider replacing your electrical panel or adding a sub-panel if a need for additional circuit breakers exceeds the capacity of your current breaker panel or if you want to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers.

The licensed electricians at Burnett Electric specialize in electrical work including installing new electrical panels. Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels are known fire hazards. Let us help determine what type of panel you have and if an upgrade may be necessary.

Upgrading your electrical system can be dangerous — leave it to the professionals!