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Reno Generator Installation

Many factors can impact the ability of the power company to provide electricity for your home. Unfortunately, some are in Mother Nature’s hands, while others can involve an equipment failure or even a vehicle accident that downs power lines. But regardless of the cause, life can quickly become complicated when your home has no power. Simple necessities like air conditioning, a security system, or keeping your food safe disappear.

And you never know when a power failure will be corrected. The only way to know that the next power failure will not alter your life is with a Reno backup generator installation from the experts at Burnett Electric. Call (775) 406-7117 today for a free price estimate and more information about the life-changing pieces of equipment.

What A Reno Generator Installation Offers You

Upgrading your home or commercial property to LED lighting offers many benefits in addition to visual appeal. LED lights use only a fraction of the energy of incandescent lamps, making them more affordable to operate. In addition, they do not produce the unwanted heat of older lights, making the space more comfortable and even reduce your air conditioning costs. Finally, LED lights last exponentially longer than other types of lighting. So you will save on bulb replacements and the hassle of accessing fixtures to replace worn-out light bulbs. Call (775) 406-7117 to learn more about LED lighting in Reno and its benefits.

The generator’s transfer switch and automatic activation occur with no human input. It is triggered when the grid power supply to your home is interrupted. So even if you are not home, or no one is home, your house will seamlessly transition to full generator power during any power failure. That translates to:

Nothing feels more comforting than to pull into your driveway and see the lights in your home lit when the rest of the neighborhood is dark. You have the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones and home are safe and protected, even when you cannot be at home with them.

Your Backup Generator Is As Reliable As Your Electrician

The team at Burnett Electric has been assisting customers with generator installations, service, and Reno generator repair for close to 15 years. During that time, clients have learned that we are completely dedicated to meeting and exceeding their needs. We stand behind all of our work with a comprehensive warranty and pledge of quality workmanship. So you will know you can count on our generator installation and its service to your home.

In addition, our experts provide all the regular maintenance and Reno generator repairs that you might need to ensure that your generator is ready to function when you need it the most. From routine inspections and service to replacing consumables and testing, we will help you rest easy knowing your standby generator is always ready to provide power to your entire home. Call (775) 406-7117 today for a free price estimate for generator installation or repairs in Reno by the pros you can trust at Burnett Electric.