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5 Reasons You Must Maintain Your EV Charger

When you buy a new electric vehicle (EV), you know you need to maintain it. From checking on the battery to getting oil changes, those appointments are just a part of owning one. Once you install a charger, you need to also maintain it. Check out the top five reasons why EV charger maintenance is so important.

1. Make It Last Longer

While installing an EV charger saves you from visiting busy stations, it isn’t a cheap job. When you skip the routine maintenance, the charger will not as long as you thought. A lack of maintenance leads to more frequent repairs as parts break down. It only takes a little bit of time every month to keep the charger in good shape. You can even hire a company to maintain it for you and make the charger last longer.

2. Avoid Hazards

Hazards can be both simple and bigger things that go wrong with the charger, such as an overload. This can cause sparks that ignite your garage or lead to a fire that reaches your roof or spreads through your home. A maintenance plan helps you identify any hazards and fix them as quickly as possible to help you sleep better at night.

3. Optimize the Performance

Do you want to plug in your EV at night and have a full battery waiting for you in the morning? If you slip the maintenance the charger needs, it will not perform the way it should. You might wake up in the morning and find that your battery barely has a charge or that it has no charge at all. Regular maintenance is important because it optimizes the performance of your charger and keeps it working the way the manufacturer intended.

4. Get Regular Updates

EV chargers receive firmware updates that they download and install. Setting up a maintenance plan allows the tech to ensure you have a strong and working Wi-Fi signal. The charger uses that signal to find available updates and install them when needed. This saves you some time because you don’t need to look for them.

5. Protect Your Car

One of the big reasons to practice EV maintenance is that it protects your vehicle. No matter which model you buy or how much you spend, you want to know that your EV will last in the coming years. A maintenance appointment looks for any problems or hazards that might drain the battery on your EV or cause other issues.

Regular maintenance is essential when you add an EV charger. It helps you protect your car, optimize the charger’s performance, avoid hazards, get updates as needed, and extend the charger’s life. For help with any EV maintenance you need in Reno, NV, call Burnett Electric today.