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Lighting Safety — Protecting Your Home from Electrical Accidents

Homes and businesses are full of electrical gadgets, and while they often make our lives easier, it’s important to be aware of their risks. A good way to prevent electrical accidents is to practice lighting safety. Here are some tips to help you stay safe.

Avoid Wet Conditions

Water and electricity don’t mix, so it’s best to avoid using electrical appliances near wet areas such as sinks or bathtubs. You should also avoid using wet hands when handling electrical cords or switches. Additionally, ensure outlets are not exposed to moisture and check that outdoor lighting fixtures and receptacles are installed in dry spots, away from standing water.

For added protection, you may want to consider installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) in all wet areas of your home. GFCIs detect current leakage and will shut off the circuit if it exceeds a certain amount, thus preventing electrocution.

Inspect Electrical Cords and Appliances Regularly

Inspecting the electrical cords and appliances in your home regularly is important. Look for exposed wiring, faulty plugs, loose connections, or other malfunction indicators. If you notice any of these issues, have an electrician take a look to make sure your appliances are safe to use. You can also invest in surge protectors to help prevent electrical faults and limit fire risk.

Invest in Smoke Detectors

Installing smoke detectors in your home is an excellent way to keep you and your family safe from electrical fires. Smoke detectors are relatively inexpensive and they can alert you when there’s a fire in your home. Some can do so even if you’re not there. Make sure to change the batteries regularly and test them once a month to ensure they’re working properly.

Be on the Lookout for Electrical Hazards

You should always be aware of potential electrical hazards around your home. Ensure that cords and wires are tucked away out of sight, especially if children or pets are in the house. Keep furniture and other objects away from power outlets, and don’t overload extension cords. You should avoid any DIY electrical repairs, and if there is an issue with your wiring, hire a licensed electrician to take care of it for you.

Use Approved Safety Lights

Finally, always use approved safety lights when lighting up your home. These lights are designed to be shock-resistant and can help protect you and your family from electrical accidents. Additionally, you should never plug multiple lights into one outlet as this could cause an overload and lead to a fire.

Following these lighting safety measures can help you prevent electrical accidents and fire hazards. It’s important to take safety seriously, as even the seemingly smallest of problems can lead to serious injury or even death. You should contact a professional electrician if you have any questions or concerns about your home’s wiring safety. In Reno, NV, our team of professionals at Burnett Electric can help you with all your lighting services needs, so give us a call today!