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6 Electrical Upgrades to Think About in the New Year

Even if you’re content with your current electrical setup, a new year’s improvement won’t hurt. You may need to repair your outdated electrical outlets or install a smart thermostat. Here are six electrical changes to think about.

1. Adding Some GFCI Outlets

Installing GFCI outlets in your home is one of the most crucial electrical modifications to consider for the new year. You should have these outlets in areas of your home where there is water, such as the kitchen. If all of the breakers in your kitchen are GFCIs, the circuit breaker will not trip and shut off the power. A GFCI outlet detects a short and promptly turns off the power to prevent electrocution.

2. Upgrading Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are essential in any home, especially if you have children. Smoke detectors should be put in areas where smoke and flames are likely to occur. This will help prevent injuries caused by malfunctioning or on-fire cooking or heating appliances. In addition to smoke detectors, it is critical to have fire extinguishers nearby at all times.

3. Illuminate With Better Lighting

Better lighting is the most obvious way to brighten your home in the new year. You can upgrade to dimmable bulbs to save money on electricity and keep your lights from burning out. LEDs are another option that utilizes less energy than standard bulbs. They’re ideal if you need a quick payback regarding cost savings and waste reduction.

If you’re interested in installing other new fixtures, consider adding dimmer switches, timers, or motion sensor lights. When they detect movement in the room, they instantly turn off the lights. With these, you won’t fumble around anymore for the switch as you try not to wake other people.

4. Home Rewiring

Defective and outdated wiring puts your home at risk of power surges, electrical fires, and electric shock. Having a trained electrician rewire your premises will aid in avoiding frequent power outages and make your home safer in the new year.

5. Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

One of the most cost-effective strategies to minimize your energy bill is to use a programmable thermostat. You can control these thermostats by phone or voice command, allowing you to make changes ahead of time and save money on unneeded heating and cooling systems. You’ll also be able to adjust the temperature from anywhere with an internet connection.

6. Modify or Replace Electrical Panels

Modern homes today need more energy than ever before. For this reason, electrical panels must be modified to manage the increased demand. If your current electrical panel is worn out or shows signs of aging, consider replacing it. More circuits are available in new panels and breaker boxes, allowing the operation of several pieces of electrical equipment simultaneously.

Of course, there are many other electrical upgrades to consider in the new year, but these are just a few. Consider hiring Burnett Electric in Reno, NV if you want to save on all your wiring upgrades and other electrical services.