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Make Your Home Bright and Airy This Summer

With summer right around the corner, you likely want to bring the bright sunshine into your home as much as possible. The most natural thing is to pull back the curtains to let in natural light. Beyond sunshine, simple changes to interior décor can significantly open and brighten the room, even when the curtains are closed.

One of the best additions to home décor is the use of multiple and split lighting. Lights not only brighten up your home when they are in use, they create different focal points throughout the room that give the space an open, airy feel. With a few basic lighting changes, your home can be as bright and airy indoors as it is outside.

Using Multiple Lights to Brighten a Room

Strategically adding multiple lights around the room can make it seem bigger, even when the lights aren’t on. Lights are focal points and, sometimes, statement pieces that draw the eye to different parts of a room. For instance, light fixtures on the ceiling draw the eyes upward, making the space seem open and airy.

Here are some decorating suggestions for lighting:

  • Use recessed lighting – Recessed lighting can be used as task lighting, but it can also light up specific areas of the room for added brightness.
  • Choose a statement-piece chandelier – This will give guests something to talk about while drawing their eyes upward.
  • Use ceiling light fixtures to separate different areas of the room – This technique is especially helpful in multipurpose rooms and studio apartments to create separation and to make the entire space seem bigger.
  • Place light color floor and table lamps in different sections of the room – This action will draw the eye around the room, making the space seem bigger.

Impact of Bulb Color

Add brightness with the right bulb. Avoid soft light bulbs that give off a sense of warmth and coziness. They are perfect for the winter but not the summer. Instead, choose a cooler light color to add brightness and energy to your home. Look for the higher K, or Kelvin, when choosing lightbulbs. Daylight LED bulbs are 5000K, but Cool White bulbs (4000K) and Bright White bulbs (3000K) will brighten your space as well.

Bright and Airy Decorating Tips

Along with the addition of multiple lights, some simple decorating tips will open up and brighten your home. They include using a mirror on the wall across from a window to reflect the sunlight when you open the curtains, moving furniture away from the wall so that you have the appearance of added space, and choosing light-colored and lightweight fabric throughout the home.

Lighting Is the Key to a Bright and Airy Home

The right interior lighting is both beautiful and functional. It can open up your home so that it’s bright, energetic, and welcoming. If you’re ready to upgrade with a new lighting installation, call us at Burnett Electric in Reno, NV to schedule an appointment today.