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EV Charger Installation In Reno

Drivers in the Reno area love the many benefits offered by electric vehicles. From eliminating the high cost of fuel to a more environmentally responsible choice for personal transportation, EVs are making an impact. However, many EV owners are also discovering that these innovative cars also can pose some challenges when it is time to recharge. Fortunately, the team at Burnett Electric is eager to offer guidance and exceptional quality with a home EV charger installation in Reno. Contact us at (775) 406-7117 to learn more about your options and the proper technique for a professional Reno electric vehicle charger installation.

The Perks Of Charging Your EV At Home

While the City of Reno is nearing 150 public charging stations, that does not mean that there are many located near your home or convenient areas for you to stop and charge your electric vehicle. However, you can stop worrying about when and where to charge your EV once you schedule a Reno EV charger installation at your home with the team from Burnett Electric. Our staff will provide you with a free price estimate for this installation and any other electrical projects at your home. And all of our work is backed by a full warranty on parts and labor. So you can soon be enjoying all the benefits of your home EV charger in Reno, including:
So if you are ready to plug your EV into a charger when you get home each night and forget about all the worries and hassles of public charging stations, call (775) 406-7117 today for a free price quote from the licensed electricians at Burnett Electric.

Why Call The Pros At Burnett Electric For EV Charger Installation?

Many new EV owners are unaware of a significant piece of safety information regarding charging their electric vehicles. Regardless of the charger level and type, electric vehicle manufacturers require the charger to be powered by a dedicated circuit. Failing to use a dedicated circuit for the Level 1 and Level 2 chargers will void the warranty on most EV batteries.

The experts at Burnett Electric have years of experience and expertise in properly and affordable installing EV chargers throughout the Reno community. In addition, we understand the electrical code in the community and the importance of a dedicated circuit to protect your charger and costly EV batteries. And finally, with nearly a decade and a half of serving the community, you know you can count on our licensed electricians and the warranty that backs their installations and any EV charger repair in Reno.

Call (775) 406-7117 for a free price estimate for an EV charger installation or EV charger repair in Reno from the team known for quality workmanship at fair and reasonable prices.