5 Electrical Safety Tips to Implement While Working From Home

Electrician working safely on switches and sockets of a residential electrical system

Working from home allows you to enjoy more time with your family, and you can also avoid the hassles of commuting. Additionally, you can save money since you will not have to pay for gas and buy your lunch. You still need to be concerned about safety, though. To keep your work-from-home experience positive, here […]

Promoting Safety With an Electrical Code Compliance Plan

Electricians identify a 20 amp breaker that has gone bad and replace it.

Electrical codes determine the correct designs and installations of electrical systems. The codes consist of the main duties and standards that all electricians are required to follow. These rules are safety standards that prevent electrical accidents and preventable injuries which lead to lawsuits. Electrical code compliance is more than following the rules and is necessary […]

Early Signs Your Generator Needs Maintenance and Repair

Residential standby generator on a concrete pad

Your family’s safety and comfort may be guaranteed during any eventuality with the help of a standby generator. The essential appliances in your house, and more, may be powered by a generator, making it seem as if the electricity had never gone out. But that’s assuming you don’t have a dead generator! When purchasing a […]

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Stainless steel electrical circuit box open with circuits named by hand in basement on rough concrete block wall with conduit and ceiling and other pipes overhead painted black with dust on them

The heart of your home’s electrical system is an electrical panel, a breaker box, or a fuse box. It’s responsible for distributing power to all the electrical circuits in your household. It also safeguards against electrical fires by tripping or breaking the circuit during an overload. However, your electrical panel can become outdated or damaged […]

7 Tips for Reducing Your Electrical Usage

Incandescent lamp is changed to LED light by the hands of a man. Energy saving.

Electrical usage has become an increasingly significant problem for the average homeowner. Whether you’re trying to save money or just looking for more energy-efficient products, there are plenty of ways to reduce your electrical consumption. Here are seven tips for reducing your electrical usage. 1. Switch to LED Lightbulbs LED lightbulbs are one of the […]

How to Protect Your Appliances From Winter Power Surges

The charger of the mobile phone caught fire in the socket. Fire safety concept when using charger and wires.

A power surge is simply a surge of electrical power that is too high. Most electrical devices in the United States use about 120 volts of power, and many appliances can tolerate a surge of up 169 volts. When hundreds or thousands of volts are forced through, an appliance can be damaged, sometimes beyond repair. […]

6 Electrical Upgrades to Think About in the New Year

Close-up Of A Person's Hand Using Home Control System On Tablet

Even if you’re content with your current electrical setup, a new year’s improvement won’t hurt. You may need to repair your outdated electrical outlets or install a smart thermostat. Here are six electrical changes to think about. 1. Adding Some GFCI Outlets Installing GFCI outlets in your home is one of the most crucial electrical […]

Why Energy Bills Increase During the Holiday Season

Horizontal photo of female hand inserting power cord receptacle into electric wall outlet

During the holidays, twinkling lights adorn trees and homes, decorations make things feel much more magical, and kitchens are full of activity. All of these activities can make this season more enjoyable, but at the same time, they can increase utility bills. Below, we’ve highlighted a few reasons why energy bills rise during the holiday […]

Can a Bad Breaker Increase Energy Bills?

How Bad Breakers Increase Energy Costs and What to Do About It In Reno, Nevada, customers may see an 8.12% increase in their energy bills beginning in January 2023. This is due to the fact that the local utility company has filed an application with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to ask for permission […]

Be Careful of Electrical Fires During the Holiday Season

Electricity short circuit / Electrical failure resulting in electricity wire burnt

The holidays are festive, and there’s usually a lot going on during this time. Decorations are often put up, big feasts are cooked, and people gather with friends and family. With so much to keep track of, please be mindful of the higher risk of electrical fires during this season. A spark could change everything […]