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How Can You Save Money on Electricity Year-Round With a Generator?

Residential generator

A home generator can protect your home during emergencies and save you money on your utility bills. Electricity handles food storage, technology and entertainment daily, and a generator can keep all this running efficiently when the power goes out. There are several ways that the right generator can save you money year-round. Prepare for Emergencies […]

A Simple Guide to Understanding EV Chargers

electric car charger

Electric vehicles are great for the environment, and with EVs, you don’t have to go to the gas station. You can charge your EV at a charging station or at home. However, the newness of these cars means they come with a learning curve. To get the most out of your EV, you need to […]

Cut Energy Bills With Efficient Lighting Strategies

Upgrading the lighting in your home not only elevates your space; it also provides an excellent opportunity to trim down your electric bill. You might need to invest some money upfront to convert to new types of lighting, but it will pay off in the long run with lower energy costs and the longer lifespans […]

Make Sure Your Generator Is There Whenever You Need It This Winter

Generators are lifesavers during power outages when you’re left in the dark and everything suddenly stops. They prevent your food from spoiling, keep medical devices working, and turn the lights back on. Follow these steps to ensure your generator works for you even through the worst storm this winter. Make Sure the Generator Is in […]

7 Tasks on a New Year Checklist for Your Electrical System

A New Year checklist for your electrical system helps get your year off to the right start. Think about your electrical system while thinking of ways to improve yourself this holiday season. Check your electrical system around New Year because you spend most of your time inside during the colder months. 1. Have an Electrical […]

5 Reasons You Must Maintain Your EV Charger

When you buy a new electric vehicle (EV), you know you need to maintain it. From checking on the battery to getting oil changes, those appointments are just a part of owning one. Once you install a charger, you need to also maintain it. Check out the top five reasons why EV charger maintenance is […]

Lighting Problems That Require an Electrician

lateral view of a young electrician in blue overall disassembling a electrical panel with fuses in a house

Problems with lighting are frustrating because of how difficult it is for people to enjoy activities at home with poor light. When you have lighting issues, it is important to know when to seek assistance from an electrician. Outside of the simplest remedies like changing bulbs, tinkering with lighting fixtures is far beyond the scope […]

5 Essential Holiday Lighting Tips You Should Know

Garland with modern round lamps

Do you feel like the holidays aren’t complete without at least a few strands of lights? Whether you use them inside, outside, or everywhere, you must make sure you use them properly. Cut down on the risks of your lights starting a fire or overloading your electrical system with some simple tips. 1. Check for […]

Save Money with Energy-Efficient Lighting

Electrician Fixing Light On Ceiling

Modern lighting offers a lot of options for homeowners. You no longer need to rely on one light placed in the middle of the room. With the help of an electrician, you can scatter lighting across the ceiling. Installing lights in different places allows you to light up one section of the room at a […]

8 Signs That Your Generator Needs Fixing

backup power generator around snow after severe winter weather

Generators should be reliable and provide a consistent flow of electricity. However, they are also vulnerable to damage. Wildlife and weather can wreak havoc on wires and cause corrosion. There may be problems with electrical connections. The generator may have a leak or a damaged part, or it might be getting old. These are all […]