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Can a Bad Breaker Increase Energy Bills?

How Bad Breakers Increase Energy Costs and What to Do About It

In Reno, Nevada, customers may see an 8.12% increase in their energy bills beginning in January 2023. This is due to the fact that the local utility company has filed an application with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to ask for permission to increase the cost of energy.

If you reside in this area, you want to do everything possible to reduce energy usage so as not to feel the impact of the cost increase. One way to maximize your energy usage is to ensure that all your breakers are functioning properly since a bad breaker can lead to higher energy costs.

How a Bad Breaker Increases Your Energy Bill

Bad breakers lead to increased energy consumption. Bad breakers not only cause arcing to occur, but they also cause the electrical system to become overloaded. When the electrical system is overloaded, it must work harder, and that is the reason for the increase in energy consumption.

In addition to a higher electric bill, bad breakers are also dangerous. The wires in your electrical panel can short out and burn, leading to fires.

The Solution

If you have a bad breaker, the only solution is to have it replaced. If you leave the bad breaker alone, the problem will become worse and cause significant damage. Replacing your breaker will be much cheaper than having to pay to remediate the damage that occurs as a result of ignoring the problem.

Preventing Bad Breakers From Causing Trouble

To prevent bad breakers from raising your energy bills and posing a significant danger to you and your family, it is important for you to have an electrician perform routine inspections. When an inspection is performed, the electrician will check for faulty wiring and loose outlets and run tests to ensure that your electrical system is functioning optimally.

The electrician will also carefully inspect your electrical panel to make certain that none of your breakers are going bad. If your electrician finds a bad breaker, he or she will collaborate with you to formulate a plan to have your breaker replaced. Experts recommend that electrical inspections be performed every two years.

If you realize that you have a bad breaker or you are not sure of the condition of your electrical panel, it is critical that you contact Burnett Electric for help. We will perform an inspection and work with you to fix any problems that we find. We serve clients in Reno, Nevada and the surrounding areas.