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Be Careful of Electrical Fires During the Holiday Season

The holidays are festive, and there’s usually a lot going on during this time. Decorations are often put up, big feasts are cooked, and people gather with friends and family. With so much to keep track of, please be mindful of the higher risk of electrical fires during this season. A spark could change everything in an instant. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself from a fire.

Christmas Trees

Many people in Reno celebrate Christmas by putting up freshly cut trees. When a tree is decorated and sitting by a cozy fire, the atmosphere in the home can be inviting. However, putting the tree too close to the fireplace or any source of direct heat can cause the tree to catch on fire. This is more likely to happen when the tree has become dry and is decorated with flammable material. Decorative lights that have frayed wiring can also potentially cause a spark. To be safe, keep your tree watered and away from sources of heat.


In Reno, most of us do a great job of being careful with open flames due to the increased risk of fire in our hot, dry summers. It’s important to be careful with open flames in the winter, too. Candles might seem harmless, but they can cause whole house fires if their flames reach anything flammable. Christmas trees are very flammable, as are pieces of wood furniture, paper, cardboard boxes that might have gifts inside of them, and certain types of fabric. Keep a close eye on all candles that are lit and extinguish them when you leave your home or go to sleep at night.

Old Wiring

People have a tendency to reuse the same decorations year after year. It’s great to keep up traditions, but not if the wiring on an item has worn down. When wires are exposed, electricity can flow where it shouldn’t. This could cause a shock or a spark that could lead to a fire. It’s best to replace old electrical decorations so that you don’t run this risk.

Overloaded Electrical Outlets

During a regular day, certain outlets in a home are used for lights, appliances, or electronics. During the holiday season, these outlets may have to work overtime and the electrical panel may not be able to handle everything. There could be an increased risk of a spark occurring. To make sure your system can deal with your anticipated load, have our team check our your panel and make any adjustments if necessary.

At Burnett Electric, we hope that everyone can stay safe this holiday season. Following these tips can reduce the likelihood of an electrical fire. Call us if you need any assistance.