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Why Does Your Electrical Panel Need Maintenance?

As part of regular maintenance, Reno, NV homeowners must ensure that their electrical panel is up to the job of handling their home’s daily electrical demands. The electrical panel houses several circuit breakers that distribute electricity to different parts of the home.

Over time, the electrical panel’s components may become corroded or covered with dust. Other factors can also cause the electrical panel to malfunction, putting your business or home at risk. The following are three reasons why you need to have your electrical panel maintained regularly.

To Extend the Life and Performance of the Existing Panel

Electrical panels have a lifespan ranging from 25 to 40 years. Over time, especially if your electrical panel does not have a door, cover, or breaker box for protection, dust and debris can collect and cause problems with connections. Humidity and moisture can also cause damage, as they trigger mold and corrosion of metal on the panel.

These types of deterioration can cause circuit breakers to trip repeatedly or result in power outages. If your home experiences power surges, this can also take a toll on the electrical panel. Electricians recommend periodic maintenance to increase the panel’s life and to get the longest life out of the equipment.

To Keep the Family Safe

Electrical power is part of daily life that’s easy to take for granted, and many older homes still have the original electrical panel in place. If the electrical panel hasn’t been cleaned and maintained or is at the end of its life, it might heat up during electricity usage. The breakers may also trip more often, and you might hear a buzzing noise or experience lights that dim and flicker when you switch on an appliance.

These are signs that the panel is struggling. If the panel continues to deteriorate, the risk of fires, arcing, and other problems increase. Some boards still use fuses instead of circuit breaker switches. When overloaded, the fuses burn out much slower than a circuit breaker trips. This takes longer to cut the power and exposes you to overheated circuits and potential fires.

The panel might have caught on fire if you find a burnt smell or dark discoloration. Fires extinguish themselves due to the lack of fuel on the panel, but you need to have an electrician come out immediately to diagnose and fix the issue.

To Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Older electrical panels were not designed for modern usage with flat-screen TVs and other electric items. As your panel struggles to keep up with all the increased demands, this inefficiency will increase your electric bill. With the summer heat of Nevada’s desert, Reno homeowners must rely on cooling their homes each summer without constantly tripping circuit switches or racking up huge electric bills.

Maintaining your existing electrical panel can save money by improving its longevity and efficiency. However, some studies show that getting a modern panel replacement cuts monthly electricity usage by 10% to 30% because it distributes power more efficiently to all the outlets and switches in your home.

Have Our Expert Electricians Inspect Your Electrical Panel

Burnett Electric of Reno, NV recommends that you include regular electrical panel service and maintenance as part of your home’s annual property inspection. Our professional electricians will ensure that the breakers, wires, connection points, and other components are in safe working order. We focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction for all our customers in the northern Nevada area. Call Burnett Electric for your free estimate today!