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Why LED Retrofits Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

Proper lighting is essential in a home. It can keep things bright, affect your mood, and add to the overall ambiance. The type of lighting you have also affects your utility bill, which you might not know. At Burnett Electric, we’re seeing more and more Reno customers interested in LED lights. LEDs come with many advantages, some of which we’ll describe below. The good news is that it’s really easy to switch over from using traditional bulbs to LED ones. Some LEDs are specifically designed for LED retrofits, meaning that you’ll use just swap out your old lights for new LED ones, using the same sockets.

More Efficient

LED retrofit lights are much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. With these older bulbs that are still present in many Reno homes, a lot of energy is lost to heat. A major difference with LEDs is that very little energy is lost to heat. All of that energy is translated into the production of visual light, which is why they can do such a good job while using relatively less energy. Some types of LEDs use 75% less energy than their counterparts.

Stay Cool

LEDs, as we just mentioned, don’t produce that much heat. This makes them safer to be around, especially for small children. Since Reno summers can be accompanied by sky-high temperatures, every little bit of heat reduction counts. You don’t want hot bulbs to be increasing the temperature in your home when it’s already warm.

Last Longer

If you’ve ever gone through the trouble of changing a light bulb, you know that it can be an inconvenience. Sometimes, you’ll have to spend a lot of time at the store looking for the right kind of bulb. In other situations, you may have to climb a ladder to reach a bulb that has burnt out. An advantage of using LEDs is that these scenarios are going to be far less common occurrences. That’s because LEDs are durable and can last about three to five times as long as compact fluorescent bulbs and about 30 times as long as incandescent bulbs.

A Simple Process

LED retrofit lights are designed to fit right into existing sockets. There are a variety of LEDs available, including ones that fit various sockets that you’ll likely have around your home. Some are designed to be used in outdoor sockets, and they’ll be able to withstand the freezing temperatures that we often experience in Reno. Just keep in mind that dimmers are not always compatible with LEDs. Burnett Electric can install a special LED dimmer for you if needed.

LED retrofit lights can take the place of traditional bulbs, often without any modifications. LEDs are efficient, cool, and durable, so they make sense for Reno residents. Call Burnett Electric for help or if you have any questions.