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backup power generator around snow after severe winter weather

8 Signs That Your Generator Needs Fixing

Generators should be reliable and provide a consistent flow of electricity. However, they are also vulnerable to damage. Wildlife and weather can wreak havoc on wires and cause corrosion. There may be problems with electrical connections. The generator may have a leak or a damaged part, or it might be getting old. These are all problems that require professional help. To keep your generator working properly, check it regularly and be sure to look for these eight warning signs.

1. Frayed Wires and Corrosion

If you notice frayed wires, corrosion, broken parts, or anything else that looks out of place, call a professional. These are all signs that the outside elements have taken their toll on the generator.

2. It’s Slow to Start

A generator should start up quickly. If you haven’t used it in a while, it may need to warm up, but if you use the generator regularly and suddenly it is slow to start, something could be wrong.

3. The Lights Flicker On and Off

If the generator is producing electricity at an inconsistent rate, this is a sign that there could be a problem with the electrical connection or the generator itself.

4. It’s On, but There’s No Power

If the generator is on, but the lights in your house aren’t then there might be something that is disrupting the flow of electricity to the house.

5. You Hear Strange Noises

If the generator doesn’t hum in the same way you are used to or you hear loud, clanking, screeching, or grating noises, something’s not working right. It could be that a part is loose and bumping up against another part or there’s something wrong with the fuel.

6. There Seems to Be a Leak

If you see an oil puddle around the generator or hear something dripping from it, that’s a sign of a problem. Leaks need to be fixed as soon as possible.

7. There’s a Funny Smell

There shouldn’t be any smell at all coming from the generator, which means that if you smell something, there is a problem.

8. It Doesn’t Work

If the generator won’t start, it’s time to call a professional.

We’re Here for You When the Power Goes Out

Fixing the generator can be as simple as replacing a damaged part or fixing a broken connection. If you are having problems with your electrical generator or need regular maintenance, our electricians at Burnett Electric in Reno, NV are happy to help; call or stop by to keep your generator happily humming throughout the winter.