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7 Reasons Fall Is a Good Time for Inspections and Wiring Upgrades

As fall arrives, the seasons start to cool and you use your electricity differently. You’ll want to change your electrical system before the cooler weather and holiday season arrive. Even if you think your home is ready for the colder seasons, our electricians can inspect your home.

1. Inspect Your Exterior Lighting

Fall is a great time to inspect your exterior lighting to see if the bulbs and fixtures are ready for nighttime. An outdoor wiring inspection can prevent any lags in your energy use as the weather cools. Our electricians will also check for safety hazards, such as exposed wires.

2. Upgrade Your Appliances to New Models

Along with upgrading your home’s wiring, look into appliances as well. Fall is a great time to upgrade to more energy-efficient models to save money on energy bills. Be on top of wiring upgrades because lighting is a huge cost for many people during the holidays.

3. Install a GFCI Outlet for Safety

Even with the electrical safety improvements, accidental electrocution is still a risk. Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCI, cut power when it detects input and output current differences. A GFCI makes rooms, such as bathrooms and garages, safe because of the threat of water.

4. Replace Your Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring has been in homes since the late 1800s, but they don’t match today’s standards. Older homes can still have knob and tube wiring, which strains to keep up with modern electrical demands. Our electricians can provide you with current wiring to give your home high-quality electrical wiring.

5. Replace Your Aluminum Wiring

In the 1960s, the price of copper was high, and homes began switching to aluminum wiring. While aluminum was cheaper, it was less safe than copper and was the cause of several fires. Our electricians can show you current wiring options if you still have aluminum wiring in your home.

6. Replace Your Outlets and Switches

Your outlets and switches are an important asset to your electrical system. Your outlets and switches eventually begin to wear out and stop working well. Older homes may have outdated outlets with two-prong faces that can’t fit newer electronics.

7. Upgrade Your Interior Lighting

Fall is a great time to check your interior lighting for worn-out or outdated fixtures. Some places for wiring and lighting upgrades include the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Our electricians could add lighting to improve your home’s look or update the fixtures to current standards.

Your electrical system powers your entire home, and wires are the lifeblood. An electrical wiring inspection helps as the weather changes because your use of electricity changes with it. If you have any wiring upgrade questions in Reno, NV, call us at Burnett Electric for an appointment today.