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Five Electrical Safety Tips to Consider During Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time for new beginnings. During these next couple of months, homeowners will put their focus on deep cleaning, reorganization and making necessary repairs. While the home electrical system is not typically found on most homeowner’s spring cleaning checklists, there is good reason to include it. If any repairs need to be made, spring is the best time because the mild weather makes for a more desirable work environment for electricians. There are five electrical spring cleaning safety tips you must follow.

1. Check Your Outlets

Really take a good look around your home during your spring cleaning to see if any of your outlets have any discoloration or scorch marks. Any outlets that are burnt or discolored need to be replaced immediately, as these factors are indicators that your outlets are damaged and are overheating.

2. Organize Wires

Organization must include more than decluttering your home. If you have a tangled mess of cords that are a tripping hazard, organize them straight away using clips or cable ties. If cords are left tangled and in the way, there is a risk they will become frayed. This could potentially lead to an electrical fire. Not to mention, people can trip and fall if wires are where people walk.

3. Do Not Overload Outlets

Some people make the mistake of overloading outlets by trying to use adapters to allow for more plugs, and then they plug multiple power strips into these adapters. The problem with trying to make an outlet accommodate more plugs than it is designed for is that it can catch fire, and you risk damaging your home. If you find that you don’t have enough outlets, call an electrician to have more installed.

4. Keep Electrical Tools Away From Water

No doubt, you will use electrical tools during spring cleaning, such as a vacuum and electric sweeper. Under no circumstances should you allow these tools near water. Avoid electric shock that can lead to injury or death.

5. Call for an Electrical Inspection

Finally, call professional electricians to inspect your home electrical system. During the inspection, they will check all electrical components to ensure the components are working properly. If they find problems, they will notify you and give you repair options.

Following these five spring cleaning electrical safety tips will ensure your home is hazard free. If you reside in Reno, NV and want help with code compliance or electrical safety, look no further than Burnett Electric. We also offer comprehensive indoor and outdoor lighting as well as EV charging services.