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Electrician working safely on switches and sockets of a residential electrical system

5 Electrical Safety Tips to Implement While Working From Home

Working from home allows you to enjoy more time with your family, and you can also avoid the hassles of commuting. Additionally, you can save money since you will not have to pay for gas and buy your lunch. You still need to be concerned about safety, though. To keep your work-from-home experience positive, here are five electrical safety tips to help you avoid hazards such as an electrical fire or personal injury.

1. Prevent Cords From Becoming Safety Hazards

When you are plugging in your work equipment, make sure you are not stretching your cords across doorways. Doing so can cause major tripping hazards. Set your workspace up near an electrical outlet. If you need more than two plugs for your work equipment, you can either use a power strip or a wall adapter that creates more plugs.

2. Avoid Daisy Chaining Power Strips

Daisy chaining is the act of plugging one power strip into another power one, and this can be dangerous. Too much power can be drawn from the power strip that has the other one plugged into it along with multiple other plugs. This can cause overheating and even an electrical fire. Purchase a power strip that has the appropriate number of outlets for your devices, and make sure the power strip can handle the amount of electricity you want to run through it. It’s also wise to keep a Class C fire extinguisher within easy reach, just in case.

3. Make Sure That Cords Are Not Damaged

Regularly check cords to make sure they are not melted or cracked. If you find that any portions of your cords are damaged, have them replaced. Damaged cords can put you at risk of getting electrocuted or starting electrical fires.

4. Do Not Put Papers or Other Combustible Items Near Heaters

If you are thinking of warming your home office with a space heater, make sure there are no papers nearby. Experts recommend that you keep paperwork and other combustible items away from heaters.

5. Do Not Run Cords Under Rugs

Never run cords under rugs. When cords are covered by rugs, they risk heating up and catching fire.

If you really want to make sure you are safe, you can consult with a professional electrician to make sure there are no safety hazards in your workspace. The electrician may even be able to make recommendations that can allow you to work more efficiently. If you are working from home and reside in the Reno, NV area, call Burnett Electric to have your outlets and switches inspected and ensure that your workspace is hazard-free.