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Electricians identify a 20 amp breaker that has gone bad and replace it.

Promoting Safety With an Electrical Code Compliance Plan

Electrical codes determine the correct designs and installations of electrical systems. The codes consist of the main duties and standards that all electricians are required to follow. These rules are safety standards that prevent electrical accidents and preventable injuries which lead to lawsuits. Electrical code compliance is more than following the rules and is necessary to maintain optimal safety at home and work.

It Sets the Foundation for Safety

Local, state or national codes are basic rules and recommendations that are made for electricians to understand their work. Without standardized codes, professionals often create their own rules about installations that are incorrect. Code compliance ensures that every professional’s duties are on the same page, accurate, efficient and safe.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) sets the standard for installers of electrical systems in homes and buildings throughout the U.S. Electricians follow the NEC’s standards to practice safety when installing, repairing or maintaining electrical devices. Local, regional and state companies review national codes to provide code books for their workers.

It Reduces Long-Term Hazards

Code compliance requires that you check and maintain your electrical systems regularly. As the system ages, the risks of malfunctioning increase, and the safety to all users decreases. For instance, broken wires can spark during each use and cause a fire or an electrocution. A fire can burn half of the electrical units in a building and cause all of the electricity to fail. In the end, regular maintenance that is performed every year can prevent a major disaster. An accident only takes a few seconds to occur but costs a fortune to repair. Overall, code compliance ensures that the building is properly maintained.

You Will Become Aware of Necessary Repairs

During inspections and routine checkups, electricians often find faults with electrical systems that need repairs. The costs of repairs can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The basic inspections, on the other hand, cost a lot less. Catching the early signs of an issue helps to save money.

You Can Follow Updates

The NEC has to undergo changes every three years. Each state adopts these changes into an annual edition that is published statewide. Individual states and jurisdictions have the option to remove or edit specific requirements or add some of their own. Since the NEC is not a federal law, any organization can create a unique version of the NEC and not have its rules legally enforced.

Few homeowners perform electrical repairs or inspections on their own. As a result, they must take their electrical systems seriously and contact an electrician to remain current on code compliance. Codes, especially the National Electrical Code, consist of rules and regulations that ensure the optimal safety of millions of homes and buildings. Burnett Electric has several decades of experience with maintaining electrical code compliance along with electrical inspections, repairs and installation services. We service clients in Reno, NV.