Promoting Safety With an Electrical Code Compliance Plan

Electricians identify a 20 amp breaker that has gone bad and replace it.

Electrical codes determine the correct designs and installations of electrical systems. The codes consist of the main duties and standards that all electricians are required to follow. These rules are safety standards that prevent electrical accidents and preventable injuries which lead to lawsuits. Electrical code compliance is more than following the rules and is necessary […]

Why LED Retrofits Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

hand holding led bulb on green nature background and sunshine. concept eco

Proper lighting is essential in a home. It can keep things bright, affect your mood, and add to the overall ambiance. The type of lighting you have also affects your utility bill, which you might not know. At Burnett Electric, we’re seeing more and more Reno customers interested in LED lights. LEDs come with many […]