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5 Common Electrical Panel Mistakes That Lead to Electrical Issues

man throwing circuit breaker

Electrical panels are responsible for regulating all the electricity in your home. Breakers within the panel serve to prevent electrical overload, ensuring the safety of your electrical system. However, working with these panels requires precision and knowledge to ensure proper function. The following mistakes in installation and repair can lead to costly electrical issues. 1. […]

8 Signs That Your Generator Needs Fixing

backup power generator around snow after severe winter weather

Generators should be reliable and provide a consistent flow of electricity. However, they are also vulnerable to damage. Wildlife and weather can wreak havoc on wires and cause corrosion. There may be problems with electrical connections. The generator may have a leak or a damaged part, or it might be getting old. These are all […]

Unveiling the Signs of Power Surges and How to Safeguard Your Home

Electrician at work on an electrical panel protected by helmet, safety goggles and gloves; wear the surgical mask to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Construction industry. Covid-19 Prevention.

Power surges can be a major inconvenience, causing frequently tripped breakers that disrupt your daily activities and potentially damage your electrical appliances and devices. Understanding the warning signs of power surges and taking proactive measures to deal with them can help protect your home and ensure a more stable electrical system. This article will explore […]

Lighting Safety — Protecting Your Home from Electrical Accidents

Electricity and electrical maintenance service, Engineer hand holding AC multimeter checking electric current voltage at circuit breaker terminal and cable wiring main power distribution board.

Homes and businesses are full of electrical gadgets, and while they often make our lives easier, it’s important to be aware of their risks. A good way to prevent electrical accidents is to practice lighting safety. Here are some tips to help you stay safe. Avoid Wet Conditions Water and electricity don’t mix, so it’s […]

Early Signs Your Generator Needs Maintenance and Repair

Residential standby generator on a concrete pad

Your family’s safety and comfort may be guaranteed during any eventuality with the help of a standby generator. The essential appliances in your house, and more, may be powered by a generator, making it seem as if the electricity had never gone out. But that’s assuming you don’t have a dead generator! When purchasing a […]

Why Does Your Electrical Panel Need Maintenance?

man throwing circuit breaker at residential service panel

As part of regular maintenance, Reno, NV homeowners must ensure that their electrical panel is up to the job of handling their home’s daily electrical demands. The electrical panel houses several circuit breakers that distribute electricity to different parts of the home. Over time, the electrical panel’s components may become corroded or covered with dust. […]